Perfect Age 15-action restructuring spray

1. Renews the natural beauty of the hair 2. Restructures visibly 3. Regenerates and revitalizes 4. Gives extraordinary shine 5. Restores body and consistency 6. Brings tone and flexibility to the hair 7. Effective anti-breaking action 8. Smooths the scalp, making it more even 9. Brings support without weighing the hair down 10. Enhances the reflection of the color 11. Eliminates frizz 12. Makes hair silky to the touch 13. Keeps hair healthy and protected 14. Makes hair easier to style and maintains style longer 15. 24h action: progressively improves the appearance of the hair
USAGE:Spray Age One all over rinsed, towel-dried hair and massage gently. Do not rinse, and style the hair.
SIZE: 150ml


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