Colorego Hair Color Cream 100ml

Permanent hair color with Shea Butter boosted with Vitab Kolor Complex (VBKC)

Permanent cosmetic hair coloring cream. The nourishing and hydrating properties of the Shea Butter in its formula help maintain and restore natural brilliant tones to the hair. Its other natural ingredients (Rosemary, Sage, Birch, and Horsetail) guarantee protection and improve color penetration. Uniform color results can be reached from the roots along the lengths and tips, its long-lasting cosmetic effect does not create any unwanted color change. The 100 ml tube is ideal for 3 color service applications and it has a pleasant delicate Almond fragrance. The Colorego New Quality System's 112 nuance color range is divided into 15 series: Natural, Ash, Golden, Brown, Tobacco, Copper, Copper Golden, Golden Copper, Copper Red, Mahogany, Red Iris, Iris, Beige, Pastel Toners, Superlighteners, Intensifiers, and a Neutral.

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TONE IDENTIFICATION: Natural /0, Ash /1, Iris /2, Golden /3, Copper /4, Mahogany /5, Red /6, Brown /7, Tobacco /73.

NUMBERING SYSTEM: a dash separates the level from the tone, the first number identifies the tone level, the second number indicates the primary tone, the third number identifies the secondary tone. Example: 5/4 = Light Chestnut Copper, 6,26 = = Dark Blonde Iris Red. Two same numbers after the dash identify a strong tone. Superlighteners are identified by the numbers 11 and 12, the Intensifiers and Pastel Tones are identified by name.

TECHNICAL DIRECTIONS: For whole head application, mix the following ratio 1:1,5 - half a tube (50 ml) of Colorego permanent hair color with 75 ml of Oxiego. The Superlighteners are used in the following mixing ratio 1:2 (50 ml of Colorego + 100 ml of oxidizer 40 Vol.), a processing time of 40 minutes.

OXIDIZERS OXIEGO: Use Oxiego 10 Volume (3%) for tone-on-tone coloring, a processing time of 25-30 minutes. Oxiego 20 Volume (6%) to darken or lift by one level and cover grey hair, a processing time of 25-35 minutes. Oxiego 30 Volume (9%) to lift by 2 levels, processing time 30-40 minutes. Oxiego 40 Volume (12%) to lift by 3 levels, processing time 35-45 minutes.

PASTEL TONERS: Recommended application base color: total decoloring, streaks, sun-kisses effect, balayage, contrats, superlighteners.
Directions: Mix 30 ml of Colorego Silver with 60 ml of Oxiego 10 Volume (3%). processing time of 3 to 5 minutes depending on the desired intensity.