Nourishing Restructuring Split Ends Cream 100ml

The Nourishing Restructuring Split Ends Cream is ideal for dry, frizzy, and dehydrated hair. Enriched with Milk Proteins, it helps to seal the cuticle with a filming, anti-frizz action that helps to repair and prevent split ends. It is non-greasy, rapidly absorbs, and leaves no residue. With a delectable milky baby powder scent, this split ends cream leaves your hair smelling delightful.


Spread small amounts on damp or dry hair. Do not rinse. Non-greasy, rapidly absorbed and leaves no residue.

Price: $23.90

    Item #: F96369

    Milk Proteins are one of the most nutrient-rich proteins due to their complete amino acid content. It offers anti-irritant and protective properties with increased hydration and elasticity.

    Keratin has the ability to smoothing down the cuticle resulting in hair that looks full and glossier.

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