Wonder No Yellow Shampoo 350ml | 1000ml

  • Here is one of the must-haves for the colorist in the salon and for the client at home
  • Neutralizing shampoo for orange highlights
  • Ideal for counteracting unwanted auburn tones on light brown hair
  • Super-performing even on platinum bleached hair to emphasize its icy reflection
  • Vegan, SLS/SLES-free and silicone-free formula


  • Apply on wet hair, wearing disposable gloves
  • Massage strand by strand, leave on 1 to 5 minutes, emulsify and rinse
  • Repeat the application if necessary
Price: $33.90
    • 350 ML
    • 1000 ML

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    For an excellent coloring service you need specific tools; No Orange Shampoo is precisely one of those indispensable products that allow you to achieve perfect chromatics, meeting the desires of the most demanding clients, who want cool blondes or light neutral browns.
    The formula is enriched with AlgaPurâ„¢, a precious oil derived from microalgae, a true concentrate of Omega 9, which protects and strengthens the hair fiber.
    Naturalness 85% - biodegradability 85%.