Blondesse Miracle Gentle Lightener - Protect 500gr

  • Purple bleaching powder
  • Safe and protected lightening in a single step up to 7 tones
  • Deco-Cuddle professional formula
  • Ideal for those who frequently lighten hair
  • Also suitable for weak hair
  • Keeps hair condition intact
  • Counters imperfections caused by technical services
  • Fragrance free to prevent intolerances
  • Poly-sensory package with scented micro-pearls
  • Enriched with purple pigment
  • Vegan
  • Paraffine and silicate free
Professionals Only
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Ideal for those who undergo frequent bleaching and lightening services. Suitable for all hair structures, even the most sensitive and damaged.

Miracle Gentle Lightener - Protect is a bleaching powder for safe and protected lightening in a single step up to 7 tones. Its action prevents imperfections caused by bleaching, leaving hair visibly restructured, bright, tame, and hydrated. This is the first product that is able to reach the best bleaching performance in a single step while keeping the physiological condition of the hair intact.

The outcome will be safe and protected lightening while preserving the physiological condition of the hair, which will appear protected and restored, hydrated, and tamed.

The revolutionary, patent-pending DECO-CUDDLE PROFESSIONAL formula protects the hair and prevents any imperfections typically resulting from the classic bleaching service. By leveraging the ability of an active Osmo Protector to maintain the hair protein osmotic balance, thereby protecting the keratin structure and not only the sulfur bridges, but the Inebrya laboratories have also made it more serviceable and achieved top hair hydration results with it during and after the bleaching service. Enriched with purple pigments having a neutralizing action, this bleaching powder formula makes it possible to effectively reach up to 7 lightening tones in just one step.

To fully respect the scalp and prevent any allergies or intolerances to the customer’s and operator’s synthetic fragrances, the formula is scent-free. As a result of cutting-edge technology specially developed for packaging, the product exudes a pleasant fragrance through perfumed pearls directly fitted into a radially perforated under the cap.

Vegan-friendly, silica- and paraffin-free formula.

  • Wear disposable gloves
  • Pour the required amount (from 20 to 50 gr)
  • Add Inebrya oxidant emulsion (dilution 1:2)
  • Mix with a spatula until the mix is creamy
  • Apply a barrier cream
  • Leave on until the hair has reached the desired lightening level (max 45 min)
  • Rinse and shampoo

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