Curl One 200ml

Curl defining milk 15 actions

  1. Defined Curl: Defines and separates curls
  2. Supple Curl: Leaves hair supple and flexible
  3. Frizz-Free Curl: Eliminates frizz
  4. Shiny Curl: Brings shine to dull, lifeless hair
  5. Thick Curl: Nourishes without weighing hair down
  6. Hydrated Curl: Keeps hair hydrated
  7. Sublime Curl: Enhances natural and cosmetic color
  8. Compact Curl: Seals the cuticle
  9. Silky Curl: Softens
  10. Bouncy Curl: Disentangles knots
  11. Healthy Curl: Eliminates and prevents split ends
  12. Controlled Curl: Tames and controls
  13. Secure Curl: Combats humidity
  14. Pure Curl: Antipollution
  15. Protected Curl: Protects during styling.


Spray on towel-dried hair and blow-dry with a brush.
With straighteners: spray lock by lock on dry hair before using the straighteners.

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    Item #: I26371

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