Kromask Cherry Red 300ml

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    Item #: I6542

    Natural, coloured or highlighted hair may appear dull and lifeless during certain times of the year. Cosmetic colour tends to fade and hair requires a vitality boost between one service and the next, reviving its colour or enhancing it with new tones.

    Kromask coloured masks revive, intensify and tone the hair in a single and quick application. Direct colouring modifies the hair tone temporarily and can be easily removed by washing. It must not be mixed with any other product.

    Its special formula performs a double action: it detangles and nourishes hair conditioning it, while it acts on the hair reviving the shades and toning it. It contains direct “non-slip” Macro Pigments to aid grim and pigment maintenance even during rinsing (water-resistant). The pigments do not penetrate the hair fibre and prevent permanent colour change.

    Formula enriched with Nyamplung Oil, rich in antioxidant vitamins to protect from cellular ageing and free radicals.

    At the end of the treatment, the hair will be shiny and soft and the colour full and rich in reflection. Colourful cosmetic texture. The effect of the treatment lasts just a few washes and can be repeated as often as desired.

    • Nourishing colouring mask to revive, intensify and tone
    • Direct colour
    • Ready for use, it must not be mixed with other products
    • Ideal for natural, coloured, bleached or highlighted hair
    • It illuminates dull and lifeless hair with intense tones
    • Formulated with non-slip direct Macro pigments
    • Leaves the hair soft and silky
    • With Nyamplung Oil rich in antioxidant Tocopherol
    • DPS System Technology
    • Wear disposable gloves
    • After shampooing with damp hair, apply an adequate amount of product and massage
    • Spread with a wide tooth comb
    • Leave on for 3 to 5 minutes according to the desired intensity (maximum 15/20 minutes)
    • Rinse thoroughly

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