Volume One 150ml

Total volume spray 15 actions

  1. Perfect Smoothing Effect: for a result that lasts up to 4 days*(* or until the next shampoo)
  2. Progressive Smoothing Effect: the more you use it, the longer the smoothing effect lasts
  3. Anti-Frizz Smoothing Effect: eliminates frizz instantly
  4. Fast Smoothing Effect: cuts time spent using straighteners and blowdrying with a brush
  5. Volume-Reducing Smoothing Effect: disciplines the hair and reduces volume
  6. Shiny Smoothing Effect: leaves hair extraordinarily shiny
  7. Silky Smoothing Effect: leaves hair soft and light
  8. Healthy Smoothing Effect: leaves hair healthy and full of life
  9. Hydrated Smoothing Effect: conditions and hydrates without weighing down the hair
  10. Effective Smoothing Effect: regenerates, restructures and strengthens the hair
  11. Protective Smoothing Effect: reduces the exposure of the hair to thermal and mechanical stress
  12. Safe Smoothing Effect: defends hairstyle from the effects of humidity
  13. Pure Smoothing Effect: protects the hair from smog and oxidation
  14. Balanced Smoothing Effect: combats static electricity in the hair
  15. Carefree Smoothing Effect: ideal for maintaining the smoothing effect obtained with all types of chemical straightening.


Spray on towel-dried hair and blow-dry with a brush.
With straighteners: spray lock by lock on dry hair before using the straighteners.

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