Volume One 200ml

Total volume spray 15 actions

  1. Extreme Volume: Boosts volume
  2. Supporting Volume: Provides support
  3. Supple Volume: Leaves hair supple
  4. Natural Volume: Fixes hair with a soft, natural hold
  5. Light Volume: Leaves hair light and soft
  6. Shiny Volume: Adds shine
  7. Frizz-Free Volume: Eliminates frizz instantly
  8. Lasting Volume: Boosts thickness and hold
  9. Healthy Volume: Restructures and strengthens
  10. Vital Volume: Revitalizes the fiber of the hair
  11. Soft Volume: Makes hair easier to brush
  12. Protecting Volume: Protects the hair from heat, reducing exposure to thermal and mechanical stress
  13. Safe Volume: Protects styles from humidity
  14. Compact Volume: Effectively combats breaking
  15. Controlling Volume: Anti-static.


Apply to wet hair, massage gently, then rinse.

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