Anti-Age Shampoo 500ml | 1000ml

Ideal for colored treated, dull and lifeless hair. Its effective cleansing actions restores strength and brilliance.


It counters the formation of free radicals scavengers. Its protecting and anti-oxidant actions is effective against smog and external factors.


Apply to damp hair, massage, rinse off.


LSL/SLES, Gluten and Parabens Free.

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    • 500 ML
    • 1000 ML

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    Argan Oil:protects, brightens, nourishes and strengthens hair. Rich in vitamin E, this natural and powerful antioxidant helps fight ageing and protects hair against free radicals.

    Coenzyme Q10:it's a natural and powerful antioxidant that plays a fundamental role in the transformation of fats, proteins and carbohydrates into energy. Rich in vitamin E, it brightens, nourishes, strengthens and protects the hair against free radicals that cause cells to age prematurely. It's perhaps the most famous antioxidant, with is why it is used in so many hair and skin products.

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