Color Gel Pastel 60ml

Linange Color Gel is a strong and brilliant color inspired by nature.

The new Semi-Permanent Linange Color Gel goes beyond shine to deeply rebuild and moisturize hair every time you use it. Have fun and explore the possible combinations, experiment with the new color palettes inspired by floral tones to achieve a new, fresh and fashionable look that represents you at your best!

This color brightens and enhances your look. The line has natural and fantasy colors that fully respect the natural base color and hair fiber for a luminous color and a conditioned hair.

This Semi-Permanent hair coloring system has an acid pH, 0% ammonia, MEA and silicones.
It also features:

  • Light coverage
  • Hair fiber protection
  • Color gloss for extra shine
  • Natural color result
  • Preserves the natural pH
  • Deposit only coloring
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1:1 with specific activator e.g. 50g of colour + 50g activator. We recommend using the specific applicator bottle.


On wet hair, to enhance or revitalize tone. application time from 5 to 20 minutes depending on hair porosity. On dry hair: to neutralise or intensify the desired shade. Application time 20 minutes.


Having reached the application time, rinse and wash with shampoo and post color conditioner.


Restores the elasticity of the hair, strengthening it from within.


They recreate the natural lipid structure, promoting integrity of the intercellular cement and giving body to the hair.


Enriches the hair with an anti-aging effect, seals the cuticles and protects them against environmental aggressors.

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